Wärtsilä Denmark A/S

In Wärtsilä Cooperation we have previously had good experience with CiManagement. In our Spare Part Department in Wärtsilä Denmark we are experiencing increased need for providing solutions to our Customers in a challenging period for the business.

Hence CiManagement was an obvious choice for us when we were looking for an external consultant to equip us with tools to align the department to the changing waters.

During our initial meetings the scope of the cooperation developed further as a result of the commitment and thorough understanding of our business applied by CiManagement. We ended up with a firm, relevant and realistic Strategy for the department as well as clear new specified values.

Keywords in our perception of CiManagement:

Available, Committed, Adaptable, Specific, Motivating, Trustworthy.

By this I can only give CiManagement my best recommendations and gratitude for having helped us to strengthen our Spare Part Department.


Morten Kjær


Department Manager

Spare Part & Support

Wärtsilä Danmark A/S